Monocrystalline silicon carbide is a transparent, extremely hard and temperature insensitive semiconductor material, which enables the production of highly energy efficient components, based on its extraordinary electrical qualities.

Silicon Carbide wafers are disks with a thickness of 350 micrometes (approximately 1/3 millimeter) and an average diameter of 150 mm. These wafers must meet demanding specifications, set by our customers.

Our closely monitored high tech manufacturing processes guarantee the utmost quality throughout all steps of the process.

  • We manufacture the key raw material for our crystals
  • High temperature crystal growing from the gas phase
  • Precise mechanical processing of crystals and wafers
  • Semiconductor appropriate cleaning
  • Final inspection in our Clean Room

Standard quality wafers are typically offered for further processing by the leading semiconductor manufacturers. So called engineering grade wafers are the budged alternative for specialised research and development departments.



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